About Us

Vodka is a simple product. It’s one of the easiest spirits to distill. But crafting a high quality, flavorful vodka from just a few ingredients is NOT an easy task. By refusing to add artificial flavoring we have to rely on fresh, local ingredients to achieve our exceptionally smooth taste. It starts on the field, where hardworking families grow the potatoes that eventually will become Sweet Grass Vodka. Our single ingredient vodka consists of only potatoes, water and yeast.

So it’s the natural taste of the raw potatoes that dictates the flavor of what ultimately ends up in the bottle. The minerals they absorb from the soil they are grown in creates a unique flavor palette.

These essential flavors are brought out with every time the liquor is distilled until we literally achieve the pure, refined taste of the South Carolinian soil.  

Family owned

Locally Sourced

Highest Quality Potato Vodka

Gluten Free

All vodka is not the same. It does not have to be flavorless, colorless and odorless. By distilling our vodka 5 times we achieve a smooth taste and mouthfeel that allows the unique notes of potatoes grown in this region to shine through. This process filters away the unpleasant ethanol taste and odor that remain after the first, second and third distillation. After the fifth distillation any impurities have been filtered away, so you can enjoy a smooth tasting vodka on the rocks or as the base of cocktails. We feel there’s something honest about producing a product from just a single local ingredient. And that honesty is what we would like to represent our little local, family owned distillery. That’s why we will continue to produce locally and bring the unique taste of South Carolina to the world.